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           Imagine for a moment small groups of your neighbors, family, friends and co-workers gathering in homes or at public venues in your town, over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, to discuss the current political climate in the country, to share their thoughts, their fears, and their concerns for the welfare of their children, and to plan some type of action to counter the destruction of our republic.  Now imagine this scenario taking place in dozens of other towns in North Jersey, and possibly throughout this great land.  Imagine the geometric multiplication of numbers as these groups spread, create spin off groups, and continue to grow.  Imagine the power and the voice that could emanate from such a movement.

          Well, imagine no more!  The above scenario has become a reality.  Many members of MCTP have taken the next step in securing American values, traditions, and culture.  They have embraced a love of the Constitution and demand a return to constitutional government.  They have come out of their comfort zones and have come together locally for a common cause. They are meeting in towns throughout Northern New Jersey, impacting their local government, their schools and the future.

          Meetings range from 10 to 100+ people, from dining room tables to outdoor tent revivals, from coffee and cake conversations to cocktail parties. If you can imagine it, you can do it!

                            Get involved – bring a friend – be a host – exercise your civic duty

                       Discover the movement that is the next stage in the Tea Party experiment

                            Discover The Morris County Tea Party Chapters Program

For more information, and to become involved, email us at

Current MCTP Chapters

Lake Hopatcong * MontvilleSuccasunnaScotch Plains-Fanwood West Essex Wanaque-Bloomindale

and our newest Chapter being formed - Boonton - check back soon for more information 

Attend a Chapter meeting or event and see how to start your own







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